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#1 2006-03-11 19:21:12


Följ en mans väg till att bli dollarmiljonär

På [url=http://www.mymoneyblog.com/]MyMoneyBlog[/url] kan du följa en mans väg till att bli dollarmiljonär. Han berättar om sina investeringar, sitt sparande m.m. för att nå sitt mål.

Hans egen beskrivning av sidan:

Obviously, this site is about my money - how I make it, how I spend it, and how I invest it. The idea is that you can track one regular Joe's path towards financial freedom. I am not a financial guru. I don't do seminars and I don't write books. What I will do is be honest and open with my financial life. Everything here is very stream-of-consciousness. If I mess up, you'll know. If I come across a neat way to make or save money, you'll read about it here. I just love this stuff and optimizing different money-making ideas. If others would like to follow along for the ride, that's just awesome. I think money affects us all, and hopefully we'll learn from each other and meet up in the Caymans some day. smile




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